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Farm/Estate Foldable Black e-Scooter 28miles/45km with onboard computer

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Ride with confidence, Long-lasting detachable Battery. Puncture resistant Tyres. Lightweight Aviation grade Aluminium alloy frame. UK company have produced a superb e-scooter, it has all the brilliant features.

Onboard computer for speed and battery range LCD display & 10 inch tubeless, pneumatic tyres for maximal shock absorption, triple Braking System, Ride fast & in-control with three brakes; a hydraulic disc brake, E-ABS brake & pedal brake.

Quickly and easily replace the powerful Panasonic battery, which fits perfectly in your backpack.

Disk Brake

The High performing Disk brake gives you strong brake power in both dry and wet climates.


E-ABS Brake

The onboard E-ABS brake helps you regulate speed going downhill, while also recharging the battery.