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Enhanced GUARANTEE with each CCTV Installation

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If your CCTV unit fails, we will carry out the Warranty Return for FREE, we will also provide FREE LOAN CCTV HARDWARE until your unit returns.

If your CCTV under Warranty is beyond economic repair, we will provide an equivalent or better specified FREE CCTV unit as a replacement.

BONUS if you take out our MOMENTUM CCTV Support at only £20/Month (which includes see MOMENTUM Fast Cyber Support Bundle for FREE for one computer) and your CCTV fails we will carry out REMOTE WORK for FREE and ONSITE WORK at a DISCOUNT.


Reasons Why;

It's quite simple. "We like to look after YOU" and we want ALL OUR CUSTOMERS to enjoy their CCTV TROUBLE-FREE.

Also, as you haven't used us before we wanted to explain and put your mind at rest and reassure you that we do deliver on our promises. That's why we provide you with your Special MOMENTUM Guarantee.