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Our solution

Site visit, confirmed BT was very slow, and with our Momentum Cellular Broadband Tester we surveyed around the clients property and managed to secure a robust 4G signal, which was then tested with inside Wi-Fi and confirmed that these speeds where robust and achievable.


Client feedback

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this company!! We struggled getting internet set up in a new property with no comms lines. After months and months of headaches and hours spent on hold with with BT & THREE, we were about to give up when we made a last hopeless attempt with Momentum. They found a simple solution immediately. Within 2 weeks we had FAST wifi. I cannot express my gratitude for their impeccable service and product offering. They were professional, prompt, courteous, helpful and delivered on time for a good price. Don't beat your head against the wall.....call Momentum and let them find the solution you need! THANK YOU!!!!

 Sherand and Gregor Grant